The LGR Advantage

LGR x Titan

LGR Sportswear has two major things fueling its competitive advantage:

Imported Dry Fit

Our imported dry-fit material is designed to help you maximize your playing performance. As the exclusive distributors of this dry absorption material, we retain a competitive advantage when it comes to providing comfortable athletic uniforms that are as pleasant to wear as they are to look at. You can focus on your performance, and our dry-absorption material can take care of the rest.

Typical uniform fabrics here in the Philippines are heavier than our imported dry-absorption material, with a weave that doesn’t allow the wearer’s skin to breathe as well as ours does. Our material is also much more durable, which means a longer payoff on your uniform investment.
Sweat is a constant companion during physical activities, and our dry-absorption materials are excellent at allowing it to evaporate naturally. Unlike local fabrics that trap the moisture and the heat against your body, our material vents it all quickly, helping you stay at the top of your game for longer.

Our uniforms are also supremely light without compromising appearance, which means you have the freedom to move at top speed and with your full range of motion. Our fabric is designed to move with you, so you never have to feel constrained by what you’re wearing.
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For printing designs on our uniforms, LGR uses a technique called sublimation. It is a thorough process of fusing fabric with ink before the jerseys are cut and assembled.

Sublimation enables the printing of the entire jersey, and is not constrained by the typical restrictions of screen printing, such as screen size, color limitations, and the texture and weight of the ink. With sublimation, we can print on every inch of the jersey, from neck to seam, and across the entire sleeve. Our sublimation process also allows the use of an unlimited range of colors, with smooth gradients and shadow effects.

To get a better idea of what we mean, you could even cover a jersey in photographs, if you wanted; the process is that precise and versatile. Since sublimated inks are fused directly with the fabric, the jersey can perform as well and feel as smooth as a blank jersey, no matter what designs are used.

Say goodbye to screen-printed uniforms, with their tendency to trap heat and make jerseys difficult to wear. Find out how LGR Sportswear can you look and feel excellent!