What we do

LGR x Titan
LGR Sportswear is a premiere apparel provider for athletic activities in the Philippines. We utilize skilled craftsmen, excellent imported materials and a distinctive, homegrown attention to quality and detail to deliver a range of tailor-made outfits that are both visually appealing and durable under regular use.


Our client list is extensive, with both esteemed academic institutions and established corporations as part of the roster. Some of the official international sports teams of the Philippines also count themselves proud wearers of LGR Sportswear. Our prominent clients include:


We recognize that athletic apparel must serve several purposes: it should withstand regular use, be comfortable to wear for extended periods, and showcase both the athletes’ identity and their sense of style. Our materials are on par with those utilized by top-tier sports apparel brands around the world, keeping wearers cool while also maintaining good durability even under heavy exertion.


Our craftsmen, in turn, adhere to a quality-assurance methodology that assures the production of the best clothing possible, vetted personally by Sonia Cruz, the company’s owner. All of LGR Sportswear’s products are tailored exactly to client specifications. There is no generic stock; all orders are custom-made.